Kristina Valjas

Team Canada Beach Volleyball // 2016 Olympian

Felt amazing to get back out there and PLAY! It wasn’t the best start, but it was a start. Definitely have a lot of work to do, but I am feeling up for the challenge. I am SO grateful to even have the chance to play here at the #LasVegas 4⭐️. If it wasn’t for @taylor_pischke I literally wouldn’t be here, she has been such an awesome teammate, I am a lucky girl. My parents, thank you for being the ultimate grandparents, you guys made this happen by taking on Max-duty like pros! John, as always you have my back and keep me believing in myself, even when it’s hard sometimes. Max- it’s all for you buddy. Maybe next time stay awake for my matches okay, thanks for caring. 😉❤️ #p1440 @mamavaljazz @lennyvaljas @shootermay

  • Fast and female
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