Kristina Valjas

Team Canada Beach Volleyball //2016 Olympian

2017 - A New and Exciting Year

This new year brings a new World Tour format, a new name and a new partner!

The World Tour is organized into events categorized by star ratings now. 5 star events have the most points and prize money. They are also the only tournaments with the pool play format. 1-4 star events are now single elimination! 

On a personal note, I got married in October 2016, so I am now going by the name of Kristina May, in case you might be looking up results and not finding my "maiden name" Valjas!

And finally, I am excited to announce a new partnership with Taylor Pischke. I've gotten to know Taylor pretty well over the past couple of years, we have been intense competitors. But now we are joining forces and will be playing on the same team. Although we are both blockers, we are challenging ourselves to learn how to share the role of defending and seeing how far we can go! 

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