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Team Canada Beach Volleyball //2016 Olympian

FANfit Challenge in support of


We took part in a crowdfunding campaign called that helped us raise over $11,000 to be put toward our winter training and getting us on the right track for this upcoming season. I was OVERWHELMED with the amount of support I got from family, friends and people in the community who want to help me reach my dream of competing for Canada in the Olympics. Thank you again to everyone who helped out, your postcards and givebacks are on their way!

Our fundraising campaign was only active for a limited time. It ended on January 25, in conjunction with the 1st annual FANfit Challenge event, held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This was such a neat experience. Thought up by 2008 Olympic canoeist Andrew Russell, here's an excerpt from the website to give you an idea of what it was all about:

  • It’s an intense multi-station total fitness challenge where each participant is measured up against the field in 5 events. The twist? You choose a top tier Canadian athlete to team up with for the day. They’ll act as your coach to power you through each exercise. FANfit is the ultimate test of your limits in a multi-sport gauntlet that pits you and the Canadian athlete of your choice against your personal best.
  • Besides pushing you harder, faster and further than you ever before, your participation boosts our best athletes’ chances of getting the financial support they need to train more effectively. FANfit is pumped to be affiliated with, Canada’s number one fundraising initiative for athletes. Your donation and support will help your athlete reach the podium, just like your athlete is primed to help you reach your highest potential.
  • The FANfit Challenge is the very first of its kind fitness + fundraising challenge.

The day was a HUGE success. Not only did we get to know our awesome team members who pushed themselves to work hard and support each other in some tough fitness challenges, we also met top level Canadian athletes all determined to reach their maximum potential in their respective sports. It was truly inspiring to be a part of this!

Check out this video for some highlights!

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